About MicroTest

What is MicroTest? MicroTest is a set of management tools that empower microenterprise practitioners to gauge and improve the performance of their programs and the outcomes of their clients.  MicroTest provides proprietary data collection and reporting tools, analysis and consulting services to members.

MicroTest’s Mission is to help microenterprise programs assess and improve performance.

MicroTest was founded on the belief that widespread use of microenterprise performance standards will:

  • Improve performance and organizational stability within the industry,
  • Increase the availability of efficient and effective services for clients, and
  • Help make the case for increasing levels of support for effective microenterprise programs.

"For us, using the MicroTest Outcomes tool to evaluate our Small Business Loan program is an endeavor worth the investment of time and resources, because the benefits of knowing, documenting, and sharing our impact far outweigh the costs. In addition, MicroTest results help us benchmark our work against the work of other top microlenders in the nation and build a rich track-record of data to map trends over time and across the field."

Jenna Boyer
Opportunity Fund
Bay Area, CA

MicroTest Products & Services
MicroTest offers members the following:

  • A tested and proven set of performance measures, used by over 150 agencies and endorsed by the Association for Enterprise Opportunity;
  • Tested tools to assess program performance and track client outcomes;
  • An initial in-depth training on performance and outcomes tracking;
  • Technical assistance to improve your data collection and reporting capacity;
  • Comprehensive and customized reports on your program’s performance and your clients’ outcomes;
  • Expert consulting to help you analyze and use your MicroTest data and reports;
  • A forum to connect to other MicroTest members who are committed to improving performance; and
  • The latest best practice resources and findings from FIELD.

How MicroTest Helps Your Program
Using MicroTest you can:

  • Assess your program’s overall performance using a nationally recognized set of measures,
  • Benchmark your performance against organizations with similar characteristics,
  • Determine how to direct resources toward improved program performance,
  • Demonstrate to donors and clients your program’s commitment to high performance
  • Maintain a pulse on industry trends and top performance, and
  • Connect to a community of practitioners seriously engaged in improving performance and client outcomes.

Learn more about Membership or MicroTest’s Program Performance or Client Outcomes Products and Services.