Publications on Scale Academy Members

Using a Brands Strategy for Scaling Business Development Services (September 2011) Case study of a brands strategy employed on behalf of both producer and retailer entrepreneurs examines Southeastern Ohio’s ACEnet and its experience creating three brands in the food and arts sectors.

Innovating to Scale (2011) Summarizes 18 strategies used by Academy members to reach more clients. Describes innovations in core processes, products and services, partnerships and other practices.

Dollars for Dreams: Scaling Microlending in the United States (2010) Documents a series of lessons gleaned from the efforts of Scale Academy members to scale their microlending activity. Topics include market research and marketing, products and pricing, and underwriting and capitalization.

Focused on Growth: Scaling Business Development Services in the United States (2010). Explores experiences and lessons from six Academy members around their efforts to increase capacity for and growth of their business development services.

Forging Ahead: Early Lessons (2009) Details the strategies used by grantees and the lessons they learned regarding the key organizational capacities required to support greater scale.

FIELD forumIssue 23 - The Organizational Foundations of Sustainability (2009)
Highlights efforts by ACCION New Mexico.Arizona.Colorado to systematically build a corporate culture, as well as capacity, that supports security, quality and growth for the long term.

FIELD forum Issue 22 - Increasing Sustainability through Improved Efficiency (2009) Explores how Opportunity Fund (OF) in California is seeking to increase sustainability by emphasizing efficiency as part of a scale-up strategy.

FIELD forum Issue 21 - Building Sustainability by Increasing Earned Revenue (2008)
Details how ACEnet (the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks) is using earned income as a strategy to achieve greater sustainability.

FIELD forum Issue 20 - Capital Structure - Getting It Right to Increase Sustainability (2008)
Examines how Justine Petersen is pursuing equity capital as part of a scale-up and sustainability strategy. The publication explains how sustainability is a balancing act that involves keeping mission, organizational capacity and capitalization in line.

FIELD forum Issue 19 - Blazing a Trail to Sustainability through Social Enterprise: A Case Example (2008) Focuses on social enterprises as a way for microenterprise programs to increase their sustainability. The experience of one program - Mountain BizWorks which created a artisans' gallery in 2002 - is used as a case study.