Emerging Leaders in Microbusiness (squared)
Multiplying and strengthening tomorrow’s leaders


The ELM² Fellowship—offered by FIELD in partnership with the Capital One Foundation—supports the development of emerging leaders in the microbusiness development field. Called “Emerging Leaders in Microbusiness, squared” to represent the program’s multiplier effect in developing new leaders, it targets high-potential staff in mature microenterprise organizations and young executive directors of new organizations and supports them in a process aimed at building their strategic and organizational skills, preparing them to lead within their own organizations and the broader field, and creating a peer network for learning and shared work.

Why a fellowship program?

As the microbusiness field enters its third decade in the United States, a number of its leading organizations are achieving a scale that requires a deeper management and leadership team. At the same time, the field is attracting young talent who are creating new organizations and bringing new ideas and energy to its work. By identifying these emerging leaders, offering them skills to build their effectiveness, and connecting them with senior leaders in the field and peers navigating the same challenges and issues, ELM² works to attract and build high-quality human capital to support the continued growth and vitality of the microbusiness field in the U.S.

ELM² Timeline

October 16, 2014: Application period opens for 2015 Fellows.
November 14, 2014: Application period closes for 2015 Fellows.
November 14 – December 11, 2014: Phone interviews with promising candidates.
Mid-December, 2014: Class of 2015 Fellows announced.
January 27-30, 2015: Fellows convene in Washington, D.C. for the first meeting.
February – April, 2015: Fellows participate in virtual peer learning sessions and begin work on projects.
May TBD, 2015: Fellows convene in Washington, D.C. for second meeting in conjunction with the Association for Enterprise Opportunity annual conference.
May 2015 – September 2015: Fellows continue virtual peer learning and work on projects.
September TBD, 2015: Fellows participate in site visit to an industry-leading organization (TBA), final meeting and program graduation.

The Fellows' Financial Commitment

Through the generous support of the Capital One Foundation, FIELD is able to cover most of the costs to participate in the ELM² program, including registration at the AEO conference for the second meeting. As a contribution toward the program, Fellows are asked to pay a participation fee of $1,000, and to cover their own travel expenses to attend the in-person meetings. Lodging and meal expenses for the three meetings will be covered by FIELD.