FIELD data highlights:

Every year, FIELD collects data on the size and performance of the U.S. microenterprise industry through the U.S. Microenterprise Census. In addition, FIELD works with a set of 15-25 microenterprise and small business organizations each year to collect detailed data through EntrepreneurTracker on the outcomes experienced by the clients they serve.

FIELD’s body of industry data is housed on The site’s analytic tools allow users to interact with and analyze data that FIELD has collected since 2008, or to learn more about the close to 558 organizations that have submitted data through the US Microenterprise Census or EntrepreneurTracker. Visit to learn more about the U.S. microenterprise field, including questions such as:

  • What are the largest microenterprise programs in the United States?
  • How do women clients of microenterprise organizations fare in terms of business survival and growth?

EntrepreneurTracker Client Outcomes Highlights

93% Business survival rate

50% Business start rate

68% of Business owners with increased revenues

59% of Businesses with paid workers

U.S Microenterprise Census Highlights

134,130 Individuals served

57,095 Microloans disbursed

49% Increase in microloans disbursed

11% Increase in operating income

9% Increase in operating expenses

FIELD’s EntrepreneurTracker client outcomes survey is a standardized process used by 15 – 30 microenterprise and small business programs to collect outcomes as reported by entrepreneurs, micro- and small business owners approximately a year after receiving a loan or significant business development assistance.
The U.S. Microenterprise Census is an annual survey that collects standardized data on the scale, scope, and performance of the U.S. microenterprise industry.